Ridge Creek Golf Club

The city of Dinuba in central California planned to build a public play daily fee golf course and campus-style clubhouse, pro shop, and banquet facility. The first phase of the project would allow for the construction of the golf course, pro shop, bar and grill, and patio area. The banquet building would have to be built at a later date when funding became available. Dinuba, “The Raisin Capital of America” with its strong agricultural roots, wanted their facilities to function in a variety of ways. First, it had to work as a high-quality destination golf experience. But they also wanted it to function as a Main Street of sorts – a central gathering place for the community.

The upscale clubhouse was designed in a classic California craftsman style that enhances the local experience by authentically paying homage to the region. The pro shop was designed and detailed as an extension of the clubhouse and was finished with the same high quality details.

The performance of both facilities has been incredible. The golf pro shop brings in more than $300,000 in merchandise sales per year, and the food and beverage business is on fire, too. In 2013, the food and beverage operation at Ridge Creek brought in more than $700,000. Annual passes are sold at Ridge Creek as well. The first year they were open they projected selling 12; a couple years later, they are selling 50 per year. “The only thing we regret is not building the banquet facility in phase one. Our wedding and banquet business has been strong because we have the beautiful patio and a 20 x 40 foot area that can be tented 12 months a year, but with the banquet facility, we could be going gangbusters!”