Pinecrest Golf Club

For more than two years, Huntley Park District director Thom Palmer kept careful notes on all the events that walked out his door at Pinecrest Golf Club because the clubhouse facility was in such poor condition. He used those notes to get the attention of city officials and gained approval for the construction of a new clubhouse facility. Meant to accommodate the growing needs of the community and the demand for a good public play golf experience, he got the go ahead and once again, the Seven Fundamentals from The Art of Space were put to work.

The new clubhouse opened in June of 2008. The Park District opened the new club with a five-year food and beverage contract outsourced to a high-quality local entrepreneur. The first couple of years were gangbusters. But by the end of the five-year agreement, the vendor had become distracted with other operations and ran out of steam for Pinecrest.

The park district decided not to renew the contract. This past season, they brought food and beverage in-house. It has been successful so far, largely because they were able to hire the entire staff of the previous vendor. Both the kitchen and wait staff had been in place since the opening, so there has been no training or fall-out during the transition. Banquets are doing very well. Positive word-of-mouth has business booming. They have diligently tracked performance and noted a direct correlation to weather. “Basically,” said Thom Palmer, “if the sun is shining, we do great!” The biggest challenge has been in discounting. So many courses are on the brink of collapse that they’re offering deep discounts. But Pinecrest has held firm by creating an excellent golfing experience with the highest quality facility at a fair price. They believe it will pay off in the long run. Time will tell.