Glenview Prairie Club

The Glenview Park District planned to upgrade its Glenview National Nine golf course. In addition to the upgrades to the course itself, the Park District planned for four state-of-the-art public play paddle tennis courts. They knew they’d need a clubhouse that could function in two ways. It was a perfect application for The Art of Space.

In the summer golf months, the facility would have to perform in two ways: for the golfers who wanted to grab lunch and enjoy a great view of the course, and to accommodate the many youth programs conducted at the course when school was out. In the winter months, when paddle tennis is played, it would have to transform into a clubhouse suitable for spectators of the game and for post-game gatherings. Understanding the culture of the game of paddle tennis, knowing what a big spectator sport it is and how the players will almost always gather for libations and good casual dining afterwards helped define the Park District’s objectives. A casual come-as-you-are atmosphere was needed to welcome community members of all ages.

“People were coming and just staying,” said the park district’s director. “There was just something about the atmosphere that had people staying much longer than they had thought.”

What happened after the 2,600 square foot clubhouse facility opened is very interesting. The food and beverage venue had to be reworked almost immediately. Menu offerings had to be upgraded to gourmet sandwiches and craft beers to respond to customer requests.

The park district projected sales of 120 memberships in the first year. They sold 184 memberships in just the first four months!