Evanston Golf Club

The Evanston Golf Club is located in the north suburbs of Chicago. When the 100-year-old club began the process of a complete renovation, their membership was deeply divided. Half wanted to tear down the 85,000 square foot Tudor-style clubhouse and replace it with a new state-of-art facility. The other half wanted to keep the existing structure and renovate the building to preserve the unique architectural components that would be cost-prohibitive to replicate today.

The renovation idea won by a slim margin of just 13 votes. But if the renovation wasn’t a success, the result could have threatened the club’s very existence. After employing the Seven Fundamentals from our The Art of Space design philosophy and ten months of renovation, the grand re-opening of the clubhouse was held in July of 2007.

The renovation exceeded expectations, and interesting things started to happen almost immediately.

Members’ renewed sense of pride and ownership was just the beginning. Banquet bookings grew to an all-time high, and the type of events the clubhouse was attracting increased food and beverage revenues to new levels. While neighboring clubs were struggling with member loss during the difficult economic years from 2006 to 2009, The Evanston Golf Club not only maintained existing membership levels but also increased them across all classes.