Abbey Springs Golf Club

It has been six years since the $9,000,000 renovation of the Abbey Springs Golf Club was completed. It included the golfer’s grille, the banquet room, the main entry lobby, the indoor pool and locker rooms, the restrooms, the pro shop, the children’s game room and ice cream parlor, and the hallways.

Since the club just completed a McMahon member survey, we’re able to report solid and up-to-date R.O.E. numbers on this facility. It’s further proof that The Art of Space can actually move people and inspire behaviors.

  • Banquet bookings went from just 4 per year to 20 per year.
  • Food and Beverage revenues are up 25%.
  • The club scored in the top 1% on member satisfaction.
  • The traffic and member activity has increased substantially.
  • Food and Beverage on the 4th of July reached $100,000.00. That’s more than they did in January, February, and March combined!
  • Golf outings have also increased 19% since the club’s renovation.